Free Tools, Free Data

Resellers make the sale, they shouldn’t have to pay

The Reseller Role

Resellers play a critical role in selling products and services for the manufacturers they represent. In order to be successful, you must overcome many obstacles and you expect that your manufacturers will support you.

Demonstrating Iris is the most compelling statement you can make to get manufacturers onboard quickly. Iris is your application... help make it better.

Your benefits increase as more manufacturers are added to the Ecosystem.

Intangi Benefits for Sales Teams

  • Focus on the solution not the process
  • Be free to work anywhere, even at the customer location
  • Easily adjust proposed solutions to accommodate customer price point/competitive pressures
  • Minimize post-sale issues due to configuration and interoperability issues
  • Effectively utilize distributor/manufacturer expertise to improve the quality of proposed solutions
  • Have a better chance of getting the deal

Intangi Benefits for Management

  • Common tool for sales & engineering staff
    • Avoids need to train on multiple manufacturer tools/portals/procedures
    • Divides tasks easily amongst project teams
    • Maintains all designs & quotes in a single application
  • More productive sales teams
  • Standard output assures professional and consistent proposals
  • Lower product training costs
  • Free

Intangi Iris™ Solution

The Intangi Iris software greatly improves the design, quotation, and proposal of complex products and solutions, while delivering significant gains in productivity and accuracy. It is key to resellers, distributors, and manufacturers who sell and support solutions, rather than parts. Iris is an expert standalone application that has both design and quote functions. It increases the productivity of your design engineers and sales teams since the turnaround time for a quote is drastically shortened.

What Do You Get?

Iris is a solution that you can use to increase sales and boost performance. You improve customer satisfaction by giving your customers clear, detailed proposals and a quicker turnaround for designs and quotes.

Iris takes the complexity out of selling complex products and systems and provides speed, clarity and detail for all users.