Technical Sales Enablement

Equip your channels with the RIGHT toolset

The Manufacturer Opportunity

Manufacturers want to equip resellers with the best tools and most accurate data to make them more effective at selling your products. Manufacturers invest significant time and money in this effort:

  • generate datasheets, sales guides, tech manuals, etc.
  • build and support proprietary tools or web portals
  • provide training classes or seminars
  • provide pre-sales design assistance

While all these efforts are well intentioned, they do create a significant problem for your resellers — one that you cannot solve.

Iris is a must-have tool for building HPE networks — particularly complex ones… it is one of the best vendor-supplied tools I have ever used, and I congratulate and thank HPE on making it available and for continuing to support Intangi’s efforts to improve it! Michael Wolff
Frontline Systems Australia

The Multi-Vendor Reality

Most resellers represent more than one manufacturer; our data shows that on average a reseller represents 11 manufacturers. Resellers propose solutions that will most likely include products from a number of manufacturers.

The reseller now faces significant problems because each manufacturer publishes data in a different format, grants access to proprietary design tools or portals, and provides different levels of training and sales support.

This process makes your resellers less effective, which often leads to lost sales, and is inherently prone to errors that can lead to nightmare installs, unhappy customers, and the dreaded product returns.

The Intangi Ecosystem

Intangi is solving these problems the right way by building and promoting the Intangi Ecosystem. The Intangi Ecosystem is a unified and comprehensive configuration, design, and quoting platform that is reseller focused and manufacturer neutral.

The Intangi Ecosystem provides all members (resellers, distributors, and manufacturers) with free tools and data. The platform enables everyone to work with the same tool set, allows you to efficiently communicate your product and pricing data, and improves the reseller’s ability to sell your product.

Ecosystem Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Increase win rates with your products
  • Reduce reseller design and pricing errors
  • Reduce product returns
  • Increase "solution sales" and maintain margins
  • Increase Solution Center effectiveness
    • Publish recommended solution sets
    • Improve communication and design collaboration
    • Increase Solution Center’s value to resellers
  • Reduce product support/training costs
  • Free to all your resellers, distributors, and internal users

There is a better way... Join the Intangi Ecosystem!