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The Intangi Ecosystem

The Intangi Ecosystem is a vendor-neutral configuration, design, and quoting platform where everyone works using the same set of tools, to efficiently communicate product and pricing data, to tear down vendor-specific silos, to reduce barriers of entry for new resellers, and to ultimately increase the effectiveness of resellers, distributors, and manufacturers.

I hope that we can influence more vendors for a single pane of glass to work out of. Sr. Network Engineer
Versatile Communications

Expanding the Intangi Ecosystem worldwide

3000+ Member Companies
22K+ Individual Users
135+ Countries


Users love the Intangi Iris software

We live by Iris here in the Partner Enablement world and in the field.
Allow me to tell you how much I LOVE this software.
I absolutely love the tool.
Huge time savings so as I can make full project in one place/tool.
I think we are in love of this product!
Okay, this is now my favorite new tool.
This tool is very useful in many ways. My partners will thank you a thousand times.
It is an Amazing tool for Network designers.
Thank you for your great product. It is by far the best design solution I have used in my life.
Every Systems Engineer needs to be part of this tool!
Iris is my go-to tool for everything.
It is great to have a tool available to my entire team that builds solutions.
The software is great. It is a tool that I recommend to our resellers.
Extremely helpful for every partner in the industry!

Intangi’s Ecosystem Partners

Many have joined the Ecosystem including major manufacturers, distributors, and resellers.

All Manufacturers, One Tool, For Free

The Intangi Ecosystem empowers resellers, meets the needs of manufacturers, and is the right thing to do.

It unifies all manufacturers under a common configuration, design, and quoting platform. It enables resellers with free tools and data, promotes collaboration, and streamlines the overall pre-sales process.

There is a better way... Join the Intangi Ecosystem!

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